Unit 1 bio, Buzz words to remember. May 2012 PP

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1) When a pathogen enters the body it may be destoryed by phagocytosis. Describe how. 

  • Phagocyte recongizes antigen
  • Pathogen is engulfed 
  • Enclosed in vesicle in phagocyte
  • Fuses with lysomes 
  • Lysome contains digestive enzymes 
  • Pathogen digested 

2) The heart controls and coordinates the regular contraction of the atria and venticles. Describe how. 

  • SAN node is pacemaker, sends electrical impluses over atria 
  • To AVN to bundle of his 
  • Atria contract
  • Non-conductive tissue in between
  • Delay at AVN
  • Atria empty…


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