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Unit 2 ­ Topic 4…read more

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Taxonomic Classification of
· Linneaus created the first
classification system,
according to their visible
similarities & differences.
· The name of a species is it's
genus and species.
· Genus species
· Homo sapiens
v=vqxomJIBGcY…read more

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The Domains
· Based on molecular phylogeny.
· Compares the structure of a particular molecule from
different organisms for evolutionary relations.
· Bacteria
· Archaea
· Eukaryota…read more

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The Kingdoms
· Animalia ­ Multicellular eukaryotes that are
heterotrophs. Energy is obtained as ready-made organic
molecules by ingesting material from other organisms.
· Plantae ­ Multicellular eukaryotes that are autotrophs.
Energy is obtained by photosynthesis.
· Fungi ­ Multicellular eukaryotes that are heterotrophs.
Nutrients are absorbed from decaying matter.
· Protoctista ­ Eukaryotes that photosynthesise or feed on
organic matter.
· Prokaryote - Prokaryotic organisms including bacteria.…read more

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Time for a song!
· With lyrics!
· With dancing!
·…read more

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· Woese pioneered RNA sequencing of bacteria noticing
that the methanogens completely lacked the sequences of
characteristic bacteria.
· Supported his ideas with additional evidence such as
membrane lipids that differs from eukaryotes.
· He proposed the Archaea, surviving in extreme
environments before oxygen was in the atmosphere.
· Many scientist dismissed his work.
· Kandler accepted Woese's work and was able to influence
other scientists who then found evidence for this theory.…read more

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