Tourism - Year 10 Revision

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Example of Mass Tourism



  • Tourism brings jobs, more money for Jamaica.
  • Not many local people can afford the facilities, local people cannot afford the facilities ao increase in demands, leakage (money disappears).


  • It brings jobs for local people, local leasure facilities for locals. 
  • Hawkers are people who sell fake stuff, tourists prefer familar food than local food.
  • Land is being taking over by big buinesses which farmers do not like.
  • Local people are not being paind enough as most workers abroad.
  • Local people are not even allowed to go to their own beaches as some are privately owned.


  • They are beautiful, the beaches, the mountains and good weather.
  • Wildlife and National parks are protected.
  • Faster erroison destroying mangroves for new hotels.
  • Most is artificial
  • It is fully summer in Jamaica
  • Pollution in the sea.

How to stop these problems from happening

  • Protecting the mangroves
  • Have a sewage treatment so it doesn't go out to sea
  • Ecotourism therefore local people have an advantage to get some money and tourist can see their culture.

Extreme Tourism

It is when tourists are involved around dangerous landscapes often with difficult climates. They are often hard to get to as well and of coure it is dangerous.

What atracts people from doing it


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