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Case study: Italy (why has global tourism grown?)

  • Is a country with a great variety of landscape, mountains, cities and coastlines.
  • All the places have a busy tourist business, making an important contribution to the national economy
  • Venice is well know for its canals and Renaissance architeture; Florence for its art galleries
  • Skiing in alps and sunbathing on the coast are popluar with both Italians and tourists
  • People want a greater variety of places and the tourist industry grows to supply the demand whith the market

Case study: Dubai (how important is tourism in different countries)

  • Tiny state in the UAE, located on the Arabian Gulf neighbouring Saudi Arabia
  • Easily accessible from Europe, Asia and Africa so tourism is growing fast.
  • Around 2.8 million people in 2000 to 5.4 million in 2004 and predicted 10 million by 2010
  • One of the worlds top destinations
  • Famous for its: duty-free shopping malls with huge department stores and a market. Prices are reasonable and there is a huge variety. Emirates Airlines may stop off at Dubai as part of their trip
  • Sightseeing is popular- markets, zoos and traditional boats
  • Water sports are growing in popluarity 
  • Excurtions out of the city to see the desert and its wildlife
  • Bird-watching trips take visitors to the wetland mudflat areas, over 400 species.

Blackpool- a UK coatsal tourist resort (how do we manage tourism in the Uk)

Blackpools growth and stagnation

  • Lancahire coast in the NW England
  • Major tourist centre during the 19th century to serve the inhabitants of nourthern idustrial towns
  • Factory workers could increasingly afford a holiday, travelling by train to the nearest coast
  • However as disposable income increased, they preferred to try somewhere different and package holidays created huge competition for British seaside resorts
  • Eventually it lost family holiday business and relied on day trippers and stag and hen party business.

The supercasino

  • One approach to get out of reccession was to apply for the UK's first supercasino
  • Blackpool was the favourite applicant on the shortlist- 20,000 jobs and £2 billion of investment would have been generated- but however lost out to Manchester
  • Despite this the Blackpool Masterplan spent millions on improving the town for the casino bid and a new department store opened in 2008
  • As one of the larger resorts, Blackpool did attract private investment and local authority grants to upgrade hotels, turn outdoor pools into leisure centres and increase car-parking provision
  • Decline continued but slowed
  • Some attractions made it stand out: The Blackpool Tower, The Tower Ballroom and the Tower Circus
  • The town upgraded its zoo and a sealife centre was built

The Lake District (what is the importance of National Parks for Uk tourism)

Attractions and opportunities for tourism

  • The English Lake district is a glaciated upland area in Cumbria, NW England.
  • It stretches 64km from N-S and 53km E-W.
  • It became a national park in 1951.
  • Famous for its scenery, wildlife and cultural heritage, it is considered England’s finest landscape.
  • The ribbon lakes and tarns are part of a unique


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