Holderness Case Study

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  • Holderness Case Study
    • causes of the rapid erosion
      • Easily eroded rock type
        • Boulder clay
      • Naturally narrow beaches
        • slow waves down=reduced erosion power=less protection
      • powerful waves
    • impacts of erosion
      • homes near the cliff are at risk of collapsing
      • fall in property prices
      • little accesibilty to areas where some roads have collapsed in the sea
      • Loss of local business
        • Caravan park in ulrome is losing 10 pitches per year
      • Easington gas terminal is 25m away from the cliff edge
      • 80,000m squared of farmland lost per year
    • Mappleton
      • population of 249 people
      • 75m lost in 20mins
      • defended so the council did not have to build a new main road
      • sea defences (1,9million in 1991) brought in tourism and residents
    • Flambourgh Head
      • made of chalk
      • slowly eroded
      • pressures
        • weathering
        • people walking on the land
        • erosion
    • Easington Gas Terminal
      • provides 25% of the uks gas
      • defended by groynes & revetments
      • cost 200,000mpy to defend this area
    • Humber estuary
      • naturally protects the river
      • Hull nearby
      • lots of money to move
      • Spurn Head will disappear
      • Spit moves around all the time
    • Klinsea
      • 300m lost from no defences
      • close to river humber and estuary
      • 50 caravan parks lost
      • flood banks and rocks protecting the caravan park
      • every 4 parks lost=5 parks granted planning permission


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