Tourism Notes

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Tourism: Any activity that involves staying away from home one night or more for leisure, business or visiting friends and relatives. Day trips outside of a preson's home area can also be considered as tourism.

Reasons for an increase in tourism:


  • online booking
  • fewer children
  • cheaper deals
  • improved accomodation
  • larger incomes
  • weekends available

Changes in technology..

  • larger aeroplanes
  • variety of transport available
  • motorways

Product development..

  • package holidays
  • increased car ownership

The Multiplier Effect:

When tourism increases in an area it often results in new opportunities opening up for businesses to take advantage of. When businesses become established it can result in other spin-offs or knock on effects...

  • increase in service sector jobs
  • improvement in infrastructure
  • support for local industries
  • increase in tax revenues

The multiplier effect is the growth of an area following the establishment of one aspec of the tourism industry.

Most tourists in 2009, visited wealthy and developed countries (excluding a few) and most countries followed a line of latitude near the equator.

Where are the environments that favour tourism?

Coastal Areas..

Basic attractions- sun, sea and sand

Uk coastal areas have sand and sea but are not guarenteed sun. The mass summer exodus from the Uk to beaches around the Mediteranean took off in 1970's with charter flights and package holidays, especially in Spain. Winter beach holidays are to the Carribean, Indian Ocean and Asia.

Key geographical features- climate


Basic attractions- snow and scenery

The Scottish cairngorms have ski facilities but, not guarenteed snow. The Alps have…


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