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Geography Notes
Topic 5 - International Tourism

The Growth of international Tourism
· International tourism has increased massively - from 25 million in 1930 to 500 million in
· Traditionally, the majority of international arrivals from the United Kingdom has been to
Europe, because transport is easier, quicker and…

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Tourism's Positives Negatives
Wildlife · Brings in money to aid conservation · Many tourist buses harass popular
efforts. animals
· Increases international awareness of · Animals can become overly reliant
any issues in the area on the waste produced by luxury
lodges the tourists stay in - some…

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· The town of Lamu
· have limited tourist numbers
· asked tourists to dress in a way more acceptable to the local culture
· no large hotels have been built
· tourists charged levies to maintain traditional buildings in the town

ecotourism |ektorizm; k-|
tourism directed toward…


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