Geography- Making a Living case studies

Hey here are some notes on the case studies in this topic. Hope they help!

Employment types

Germany- De-industrialised

  • In the 1970's and 80's Germany de-indistrialised.
  • Service sector and financial service jobs grew in urban areas in place of manufacturing.
  • Small and medium sized manufacturing  businesses were set up.
  • Germany has also refocussed activities so that more people are involved in knowledge based industries.
  • Germany became de-industrialised because of cheaper sites overseas.
  • Jobs were not available because machines could do the work (mechanisation).
  • As the industry changed there was a corresponding shift in employment patterns (Global Shift).

Mexico- A newly industialising country

  • Manufacturing took over agriculture as Mexico's largest contributer to it's economy.
  • Mexico City has a large and highly skilled workforce, a large consumer market and low distribution costs,
  • Employment has grown in the re-export processing…


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