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GCSE Geography ­
Higher and foundation, focused on the 25th June 2012 but
can be used for further exams
203%20-%20Introduction%20to%20tourism…read more

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Why has the tourist industry
grown? Paid leave
·People now
have much Wage levels
Advertising more leisure ·Due to the
· Direct: time as in increase in
websites and the 1950s it wages people
brochures. E.g. was one now have more
Thomas Cook week and disposable
· Indirect: TV now it is income and so
programmes. E. four. more money to
g. travel agents spend on
leisures such as Technological
holidays. advantages
· Improved transport
Global systems have made it
awareness easier to travel,
particullary longer
· People are now distances. E.g.
more aware of Eurotunnel.
the world and · Faster travel means
want to travel that people can visit
more. more destinations as
most places can be
reached by wide-
bodied jets in less than
24 hours'; the cost of
air travel has decreased
Quest for dramatically.
· People are now
· People now want able to book
to do exciting hotels and flights
things such as the from the comfort
gap year. of their own
homes and so this
saves time. Also
they are review
websites in order
to check the
Decreasing costs
quality of hotels
· Growth of budget airlines etc. They are also
that people can travel for e-tickets available.
less, Budget airlines are low
cost and so their services
are basic because they cut
the cost of food, guaranteed
seats and television. Expectations
Package holidys in the 1950s Transport · People now
as it books complete expect to go on
holidays with transport, · Car ownership
has increased holiday every year
transfers, accomadation ad
possibly food. E.g. B&B. All Life expectancy tourism because
inclusive holidays were · People are now more people can
introduced in the 1990s. living longer and now travel more
Transport, transfer, plan to travel when freely around
accomodation, food, drinks they retire and they Britain and they
and entertainment. are retiring earlier can travel to
but aso they are nearby countries
time saving devices.
and can travel
more easily to
regional airports.
E.g. Newcastle.…read more

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2 (e) (ii) The number of tourists from Europe and
North America who visit Brazil has increased in
recent years. Suggest why this might have occurred.
6 marks
Technology means that people know more about Brazil and that it is advertised more
effectively. The internet and television allow travellers to find out about distant places and
to research and compare holidays quickly and easily. This may lead to a growth of long
haul destinations such as Brazil. Bigger planes and the building of more airports means
that travel is easier and quicker. This may lead to a growth of long haul destinations such
as Brazil.
Bigger planes and the building of more airports that travel is easier and quicker.
Airports in places such as Natal mean that it is possible to travel quicker to places which
would once have taken much longer to get to.
Model answer from the
specimen paper.…read more

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Key words that you SHOULD know,
TOURISM The short-term movement of people to
places away from where they live and
work, normally for business but also
for pleasure.
TOURIST Someone who travels, for work or
pleasure, and stays away from their
home for at least one night.
DAY TRIPPER When a person visits somewhere away
from their home area but doesn't stay
INTERNATIONAL TOURISM This is where you travel from one
continent to another.
SHORT HAUL Flights that cover short distances less
than seven hours and tend to be within
a continent.…read more

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A couple
LONG HAUL Flights that cover long distances more
than seven hours and tend to cross a
DISPOSABLE INCOME Money available after paying for
essentials. E.g. water bills…read more

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s !
y t ip T rends Examples Anomalies
K e
Describe the trends in the growth of global tourism?
4 marks
The overall trends show that Europe's international visitors have increased rapidly to 300
million visitors in 2005 from 5 million in 1950.
The Middle East's international visitors have had a gradual change from 0 in 1950 to 694
million in 2005 and this is an anomaly result because this shows a dramatic change which is
different to the rest. Overall global tourism has had a huge increase from 10 million to 700
million.…read more

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