the senate and Augustus' legislative, executive and judicial functions.

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  • gradually developed into a legislative body.
  • senate committee prepared material to present to the whole senate.
  • augustus was influencial.
  • AD13- committee included members who were not senators- able to pass resolutions which became law. 


  • could use his tribunician power to legislate and propose measures etc.
  • however he normally did this in other ways- e.g. through edicts, judicial decisions, replies to petitions and instructions to officials. 



  • senate controlled the peaceful provinces- augustus was able to interfere due to his proconsulare imperium maius- he also reallocated provinces to the senate as things changed. 
  • the senate and annual magistrates were in charge of many public services- candidates which augustus personally recommended were often elected- these prefects in charge of most departments.
  • senate in  charge of state treasury- had right to mint copper and bronze


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