Augustus' titles and significance



DATE: 43

SIGNIFICANCE: this was first conferred as a temporray military title.

DATE 30: officially a praenomen, owing to its military nature- Augustus didnt use this in Rome or Italy- only in eastern provinces.


'I was twenty-one times saluted as imperator' 15

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DATE: 28

SIGNIFICANCE: after Augustus had revised the list of senators for the first time, his name was placed at the head of the senatoiral list- he was the first to give his opinion in the senate.

REFERENCE: 'up to the time of writing i have been princeps senatus for forty years.'

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DATE: 27

SIGNIFICANCE: conferred by the senate- it increased his dignity menaing 'one to be revered' but it did not add to his power.


'later he adopted... the title Augustus after a motion to that effect had been introduced by Munatius Plancus. some senators wished him to be called Romulus, as the second founder of the city; but Plancus had his way. He argued that 'Augustus' was both a more original and honourable title, since santuaries and all places consecrated by the augers are known as 'august'.'

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DATE : 27

SIGNIFICANCE: short for princeps civitatis and meant 'first citizen'. had been used to describe leading men of the republicand implied authority but now power.

REFERENCE:  'while I was the leading citizen, the senate resolved that it should be shut on three occasions.' 

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DATE: 12

SIGNIFICANCE: Augustus succeeded Lepidus, on his death, as the head of the priesthoods, and the state religion, through which he had control of political and judicial procedure.

REFERENCE: 'I declined to be made pontifex maximus in the place of my colleague who was still alive when the people offered me this priesthood...some years later... I recieved this priesthood... and such concourse poured in from the whole of Italy to my election as has never been recorded at Rome before that time.'

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SIGNIFICANCE: title had also been held by Cicero. it meant 'father of the country'. it was the title which Augustus inscribed on the monument set in the middle of the new forum- opened in this year. he regarded this as a high point of his career.


'in my thirteenth consulship the senate, the equestrian order and the whole people of Rome gave me the title of father of My country, and resolved that this should be inscribed on the porch of my house and in the Curia Julia and in the Forum Augustum below the chariot. (quadriga) RG

SUET 'Fathers of the senate, I have at last achieved my highest ambition. what more can I ask of the immortal gods than that they permit me to enjoy your approval until my dying day.'

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