The Roman Republic

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  • Ancient Rome Democracy
    • Magistrates
      • Censorship- held for 1 year (reduced to 6 months under Augustus), 2 in total.
        • Functions: commanded Army, conducted elections, presided over senate meetings, implements senate decisions, end of term gets proconsulship, sent to province as governor enables to raise army
      • Praetor- held for 1 yr, 6 in total, have two types for city judges and other for law suits involving foreigners.
        • Functions: Sometimes commanded an army, could introduce legislation to senate, At end of yr got proconsulship often in charge of an army.
      • Aedile- 4, held for 1 yr
        • Functions:Maintain roads, regulates traffic, city water supplies, controls markets, arranges fests and games
      • Questors- 8, held office for one year.
        • Functions: Financial admin, public records, treasury, supervised sale of war booty.
    • Senate
      • Senators- used to be entirely made up of Patricians (nobility)
        • Became advisory to Magistrates
          • Elected Magistrate
      • Advised on: Home and foreign policy, legislation, financial and religious questions, assigned duties to Magistrates, prolonged magistrates time in office, appointed sentorial commissions to help magistrates.
    • Commitia (people's assembly)
      • Tribunes- 10, serve for a year
        • Defended lives and property of plebians, have right to veto magistrates,
    • Censorship- 2, served 18 months, elected every 5 yrs.
      • Functions: Took census, had right to take judicial preceedings against any citizen, controlled public morals, supervised public lands and buildings.
    • Dictator- 6 months only in a crisis, power over Consuls.
      • Functions:]Suspended all other magistrates in a military or serious domestic emergency.


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