The Lovely Bones Key Conversations

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Grandma Lynn

Mr Harvey


Len Fenerman

Ray Singh

Ruana Singh

Ruth Connors

Chapter One:

Susie and Mr Harvey, page 11-13; exchange before death scene.

Chapter Two:

Holly and Franny, page 19; talking about heaven.

Lindsey and Jack, page 22-23; talking about the discovery of an elbow.

Salmon's and Len Fenerman; page 27-28; murder investigation / pompom.

Mr Caden and Lindsey; page 31-33; comforting Lindsey.

Chapter Five:

Len Fenerman and Mr Harvey; page 63-65; Murder investigation / interview.

Jack and Buckley; page 68-69; monopoly board / death conversation.

Chapter 6:

Susie and Ray Singh; page 74; skipping English

Ray Singh and Ruth Connors; page 82; talking about Susie

Jack and Ruana Singh; page 85-87; talking about Ray / Susie / Mr Harvey.

Chapter 7:


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