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Persuasion: Narrative Technique and Style

Narrative Voice

This voice is marked by confidence that we will share a certain set of values, and will
agree with the narrator's view of the world. So, we enter into a process of judging
character and interpreting events, which may often be far from…

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again, an important consideration when discussing a story is how the third person
narrator builds a sense of trust and believability.


Such a consensual understanding of values is a prerequisite for effective satire.
Deviations from proper behaviour can only be measured if we have a reliable
yardstick to gauge…

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Writing at a time when the taste for Augustan values of reason and restraint was
being contested by Romantic values of passion and spontaneity, Jane Austen seems to
have recognized that the consensus on affairs of the heart had been broken. So, the
concern of the novel with the…

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between the meaning that is offered, and a conflicting meaning that is perceived by
us, as we read.

So, for example, when Henrietta Musgrove, at the start of Chapter 12, expresses the
wish that Dr Shirley should retire and live in Lyme, her ostensible concern is for the
curate's health.…

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strides across the room to seize the child, freeing Anne from his grasp. The entire
scene is a triumph of expressive choreography.

Jane Austen's liking for theatrical convention may also be detected in her less
sophisticated recourse to the contrivance of coincidence. The fortuitous letting of
Kellynch Hall to Wentworth's…


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