The Idea of God is Innate

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The Idea of God is Innate 

Descartes : Descartes argues that the concept of GOD is innate.

He says there are 3 possible sources for a concept:

Invention from out imagination.

Derives from something outside the mind, Experience.

Or it is Innate.

The Trademark Argument:

Descartes says we are imperfect and finate minds, for example, we do not have perfect knowledge, we could not have come up with the idea of something perfect and infinate. God is such an idea. The idea of God is a 'trademark' our creater has stamped in our minds.

Underpinning Descarted claim is the CAUSAL ADEQUACY PRINCIPLE:

This is the idea that any effect must have a cause that is adequate to it. In the same way the idea of a perfect


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