How we get the idea of God

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Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud believe God is a HUMAN CONSTRUCT.

Marx based this on three theories. 

COMMUNISM- man is exploited those in the highest authority, religion is constructed from this in order to alleviate distress and hardship created by the exploitation.

ALIENATION- religion has alienated man from true nature that was to work, rest then play. Caused man to worship a 'God' in hope of betterment.

PACIFIER- religion only benefits the rich and pacifies the poor with the promise of an afterlife. 'Opium of the people'. People follow the idea of God because it promises them greater things, taught not to complain as all their suffering was a part of God's plan. In the Hymn 'all things bright and beautiful' this is seen, rich man in a castle and poor man at his gate and this was God's intention.

(Marx influenced by Feurbach, projectionist believed that all which man lacked (power or knowledge) was projected onto a superior being; God,

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Descartes, a Rationalist.

Claimed idea of God was imprinted upon us by God himself, this analogy proving that the idea of God was infact not of human construction.


The CAUSE of something must have the same reality as the EFFECT. 

God is and infinte being and humans are finite beings. We could not have created any idea of God because the CAUSE would then not have the same reality as its EFFECT; an INFINITE beign cannot create a FINITE being.

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Human beings in a mob...   what's a mob to a king?...   what's a king to a god?...   what's a god to a non believeeer?

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