reason and experience


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  • reason and experience
    • mind as a tabula rasa
      • hume: origin of ideas
        • ideas/concepts are copies of sense impressions in the memory
          • if no impressions are found, the idea doesn't exist (empiricist principle)
          • we reflect on sense impressions to form concepts
            • complex concepts (ideas) can be broken down into simple ideas and traced to previous experiences, eg: God.
          • there are simple and complex ideas and impressions.
        • knowledge is justified apriori
        • FLAWS
          • hume claims sense experience is exclusive, i.e. only I can experience Y sense impressioons
            • exclusivity can lead to 3 problems:
              • problem of communication: i cant have an idea of someone elses sense impressions; i cant know that they are the same as mine.
              • scepticism: i can only know MY sense impressions; i cant be sure that  the external world exists.
              • solipsism: i can only be sure of MY mind and MY existence.
          • not all complex ideas relate to past experience; eg, Beauty; as it has no substance and is subjectie.
      • LOCKE: origin of ideas.
        • all our ideas come from experience
        • me must acquire concepts before we have any knowledge.
          • it is impossible to have knowledge prior to or independant of experience.
        • humans dont have innate ideas; our mind is a blank slate.
          • all ideas we come to have are a result of experience
            • for example, the idea of god varies between cultures(eg what he looks like, how many there are etc.)
              • shows that ideas of god come from different things we have been exposed to
                • some people who have not been exposed to this have no idea of god at all
    • innate knowledge
    • necessary and contingent truths


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