The Emperor - Kaiser Wilhelm II

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  • The Kaiser was in a very powerful position, being able to appoint the chancellors and other key members within the Reich. 
    • On the other hand he was very insecure who easily turned to others for their help and guidance. For example within his 'inner circle' was Moltke who was keen for war - suggestive that he was largely influenced by him
  • The Kaiser chose those Chancellors who he felt were largely weaker than himself. It meant he could assign his authority over them significantly more.
    • e.g Bethmann Hollweg (1909-17) had no knowledge of foreign affairs, it meant that the Kaiser could easily exploit them
  • The Kaiser was a racist, especially to the new groups of people, for example the Poles and Catholics. Called them 'unpatriotic fellows', perhaps made his rule appear weaker as he couldn't accept everyone.
  • Wilhelm II was determined that Germany would become an important player on the world map - wanting to achieve the place in the sun to win respect of the world to which he felt his country deserved
  • His Social Life was far too busy, and became bored with making decisions so it led to many making…


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