History- World war one


What caused world war one to end?

There were many things that caused WW1 to end, for example they were running out of food resources as there rations had become scarce. This meant that they only had a few foods left to share between all the men and this ment that they were very hungry and probaly felt sick because they hadnt eaten in a long while. However their are some more serious reasons why it came to an end. This is because the British had more artilllery than the Germans which was better  as well due to new and improved technology. all of germanys allies had given up as they didnt belive they would be there for much longer. Germany was not strong enough to continue fighting, especially as the USA had joined the war and hundreds of thousands of fresh American soliders were arriving in France. The leaders of the German army told the German goverment to end the fighting. Kaiser Wilhelm, Germany's leader abdicated (left his job) on 9th November 1918. Two days later, Germany signed the armistice and the guns fell silent. People in Britain, France and all of the counrties that supported…


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