The Sun Website - GCSE Media

  • the URL contains 'breadcrumbs' which allow users to find previous stories
  • black banner and logo on home page maintains their house style, contains a hyperlink to home page
  • 'sign in' allows interactivity and personalistation for demographic 
  • search also allows personalisation
  • page flag allows users to quickly return to home page
  • different parts of the website is sectioned off with banners to create interest as well as a sense of importance (readers will know if a catching story is coming up)
  • main story is always entertainment (common to tabloid)
  • main story is always larger to indicate its importance
  • banner at the top offers soft news / demographics main interests (football is a seperate catagory from sport)
  • headlines in stories below the scroll are in red serif font (house style / familiarity with audience)
  • real time tags keeps information immediate, suggests readers are getting latest updates on the website that they may have to wait longer for elsewhere
  • buzzwords entice audience since they feel information is exclusive 
  • sub-stories have page grid layout (newspaper


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