The Reform of the Church and the Dissolution of the Monasteries


The Church in the 1520's

  • Most people were loyal to the Catholic Church at this time.
  • However, there was some criticism that Cardinal Wolsey did little to stop.
  • Lollards were still present in the South East of England.
  • Luther published his 95 Theses in 1517, criticising aspects of the Catholic doctrine and practices.
  • The south east of England was more exposed to these ideas as their ports traded with Northern Europe.
  • The White Horse Pub in Cambridge was a meeting place for Luther's supporters.
  • William Tyndale began priniting the Bible in English.
  • By the 1530's. Henry and Cromwell exploited this criticism and weaknesses of the Catholic Church to implement religious reform, the most important being the dissolution of the monateries. 

Weaknesses in the Church


  • Pluralism (recieving money from more than…


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