The Peace Treaties of 1919-1923

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  • Germany had no part in the negotiations in the Treaty of Versailles and were given two days to read the treaty before they had to sign in in the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. 
  • Germany had no choice but to sign the treaty as the Allied forces made it evident that they would invade if Germany refused
  • There were over 600 clauses in the treaty.


  • A league of nations will be set up where all nations of the world can discuss their disputes and problems. This took up the first 26 clauses of the treaty. This clause is aimed at Woodrow Wilson because one of his aims were to set up a league of nations. 


  • Germany had to give land to the following:
  •  Eupen and Malmedy would go to Belgium.
  •  Alsace and Lorraine would go to France. Alsace and Lorraine was taken by Germany in 1871 from France, this came under Clemenceau's main aim of revenge- that France was getting back their own land.
  •  West Prussia and Possen would go to Poland. 
  •  North Schleswig would go to Denmark. 
  •  Danzig and the Saar would go under the League of Nations control- the latter for            15 years. This point in this clause is directed at Wilson as he wanted to set up the          league of Nations. Saar was a region of Germany which was governed by the United          Kingdom and France for 15 years and then a plebiscite would be held to see if it              wanted to retain it's separate identity.


  • Germany had taken land from Russia when Russia surrendered in the treaty of Brest-Litosvk . 
  • This land was


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