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  • Germany 1919-1923
    • November Criminals
      • These were politicians who were mainly jews and the people who ended WW1
    • Stab in the back
      • Was used to take the blame off of november criminals and they put the blame on the jews
    • Was ruled by one man and was not a democracy
      • Ran by a man called KAISER who was very powerful
    • Germanys population was mainly of young generation who were well educated
    • Hyperinflation
      • Germany had to pay reparations
      • Many people were begining to starve which then led to crime
    • Treaty of Versailles
      • Lost the war
      • Set to punish Germany for loosing the war
      • Created to bring peace
      • BART
        • Territory
          • lost 13% of the land
          • 6 billion people
          • Untitled
        • Reparations
          • They would have to pay 132 billion gold marks
        • Blame
          • Blamed Germany even thought they were not first to declare the war


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