The Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

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The terms of the treaty can be classified into three groups:

  • territorial - provisions that took land away from Germany
  • military - provisions that limited Germany's armed forces
  • financial and economic

Four other treaties were made with the countries that had helped Germany during the war.

The Treaty of Versailles, however, was the template for these treaties, which were drawn up by officials (not by the big three) and which simply followed the principles of the Treaty of Versailles:

  1. The defeated countries had to disarm.
  2. They had to pay reparations.
  3. They lost land.
  4. New countries were formed.

The Terms

Here are the main provisions of each treaty - showing 1) terms of disarmament, 2) amount of reparation, 3) land lost, 4) new countries formed - starting with the Treaty of Versailles.

Germany: Treaty of Versailles (28 June 1919)

  • 100,000 soldiers, six battleships, no airforce
  • 132 billion gold marks to be paid in reparations
  • Posen, Polish


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