Textiles - Questions

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Name the machine that both cuts and stitches over the edge of fabric to neaten it.


Give the term that describes looking at the possible dangers in the workplace.

Risk assessment

Two different ways of keeping textile workers safe from dangers in the workplace.

Emergency stop button.
Long hair tied up and no jewellery

List and explain one advantage of using computer-aid manufacturing to embroider fabric. 

Advantage - Costs reduced = Less labour costs/quicker production/less wastage of thread

Running stitch is a hand embroidery stitch. 
Name two other different hand embroidery stitches.


List and explain one way to use an electronic component to make a toy more exciting. 

A sound recording device - The child can record sound and play it back for fun.

A wide range of other modern components is available to product designers.
Name and describe one modern component that can be added to fashionable clothing and make it more decorative and useful

Interfacing to make it stronger

Explain how designers use the information from trend forecasts.

Helps them to make a mood board to inspire design ideas.
Influences shape, style…


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