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Practice Questions ­ Product considerations

1. Complete the following sentence.
Textiles is a general term used to describe________________________________________

2. Give two examples of pieces of equipment used for:
a. Colour and design
i. ______________________________
ii. ______________________________

b. Pressing
i. ______________________________
ii. ______________________________

c. Sewing and joining
i. ______________________________
ii. ______________________________…

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b. It includes a `wish list' of desirable criteria.
c. It lists all the tools and equipment required.
d. It is produced at the very start of a design project from the design brief.
e. It is produced after all the final modifications have been made to the prototype.

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c. Sewing and joining
i. Sewing machine
ii. Overlocker

3. Name three types of machine used in the production of textiles, which can be linked to a
computer and used to produce digitised designs:
a. Computerised sewing machine
b. Knitting machine
c. Weaving loom
*any other sensible answers

4. Name…

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a. A palette that features different tints and shades of a single colour
b. A palette made up of contrasting colours
c. A palette made up of colours that work well together
d. A palette that features a balance of warm and cold colours

10. Write down the name of…


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