Social Differentiation Essay Prep


"There are a variety of barriers affecting equal access for all in sports at all levels". Discuss this statement.

Sport can be described as a microcosm of society, that is, sport can often mirror or represent structures and systems that are in place in todays society. In society, females are payed, on average, around £500 less a month than their male counterparts mostly becuase of this idea that males are superior. As well as that, their are greater opportunities for the middle-class white able-bodied male than there are for females, ethnic minorities and disabled members of society.

On the otherhand, sport can act as a pathway to break through the 'glass ceiling' society has put in place and allow anyone to move up social classes.


  • Gender definition: Term used by sociologoists to describe the attributes of males and females.
  • Barriers to participation:
    • lack of funding/money in womens sport- Rooney= £130,000 a week England womens captain= £30,000 a year. Less advanced training facilities
    • sport being a male dominated culture- feel intimidated/ not considered 'girly'
    • lack of media coverage leading to lack of role models- 4% of all media and


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