Short course GCSE PE

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Benefits and reasons of taking part in physical activity

1) To increase fitness e.g. running
2) to help the individual feel good e.g. completing a new move in gymnastics
3) to relieve stress and tension e.g. yoga
4) to increase self asteem and confidence e.g. trampolining

physical reasons

  • good physical health
  • physical challenge
  • increase fitness
  • improve perfomance
  • improve Heath related fitness

social reasons

  • mix with others
  • make new friends
  • meet current friends
  • develop team work
  • work with others

mental reasons

  • relieve and prevent stress and tension
  • mental challenge
  • increase self ateem and confidence
  • help the individual feel good
  • enjoyment of life
  • aesthetic appreciation 


why of the following statements describes a physical benefit os excercise?

a) meeting new people

b) gaining aethetic appreciation of movement

c) feeling better about body shape

d) improving body shape

Influences on taking part in sport

1) People

  • you might want to choose the same activity as your friends
  • family children usually take part in the same physical activity as their parents
  • peers of the same age group might give the individual motivation and support.


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