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"Shabbat- the Sabbath is the heartbeat of history. It restores strength to the weary and brings hope to the disheartened..."- Leo Trepp

  • Shabbat is a day of REST and Jews are FORBIDDEN to work on that special day
  • It is a HOLY day from sunset on Friday evening until sunset on Saturday evening
  • What they are forbidden from doing is seen in the 39 MELACHOT- such as treating leather, building and lighting a fire.

Shabbat is observed by Jews for a number of reasons:

1. God rested on the 7th day

2. 4th commandment

3. Covenant with God and Abraham 

4. Spend time with family


  • No switches or electricity
  • Telephone- covered
  • Prepare food to last through Shabbat- no cooking allowed
  • Prepare the table
  • Wear their best clothes and use the best china

Challah (bread)

  • Symbolises two manna- when the Jews


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