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Topic 3- Festivals
Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur
and Pesach…read more

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· Shabbat is the weekly Sabbath or day of rest in Judaism,
symbolising the 7th day in genesis after the 6 says of creation
and god resting on the 7th. It is observed from sundown on
Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on
Saturday night. Therefore the exact time differs from week to
· There are 39 basic restrictions or Melachot (translated to
`work') that are forbidden activities on Shabbat, derived from
the Torah.
· Shabbat comes from Hebrew word Shavat which means `to
cease' hence why it is a day for ceasing from all work.…read more

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Nature- what they do
· It is seen by those who do not observe this festival as a day of restrictions or as a
day of prayer, however it is seen as precious gift from god and a day which is
looked forward to as it is a day of relaxation and family time.
· It is important as it is said that `more than Israel has kept shabbat, shabbat has
kept Israel'- this expresses the importance of family and keeping the religion alive.
· It is instituted in the 10 commandments and can therefore be seen as the most
important festival- `remember the Sabbath and keep it holy'.
· Shabbat is not specifically a day of prayer however Jews do spend a large amount
of time praying and going to the synagogue. They also spend a lot of time eating
and have a meal a day.
· Shabbat involves two important commandments: Zakhor ( to remember) and
Shamor ( to observe).…read more

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Zakhor- to remember
· Jews are commanded to remember the Sabbath, this can be to remember
the importance, commemoration of creation or remembrance of freedom
from slavery in Egypt.
· It can be said to be important as god commanded to remember the sabbath
day within the 10 commandments.
· By resting on the 7th day and sanctifying it, Jews remember and acknowledge
that got is their creator or everything. Also Jews remember that by resting
on the 7th day so did God.
· By resting on the 7th day Jews are reminded that they are now free as in
ancient times slaves did not get days off.
· In general shabbat releases Jews from daily worries, may that be stress at
work, schedules or personal problems and allows them to relax and
remember their ancestors freedom from slavery in Egypt.
· Jews also remember shabbat when they recite Kiddush as it reminds them of
the work put in in the beginning (creation).…read more

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Shamor- to observe
· `Observe the sabbath day to sanctify it'- Deuteronomy
· Commanded to observe the sabbath which includes refraining
from any of the 39 Melachot.
· These laws are usually combated by putting ovens on low for
food and putting lights on timers as flicking a light switch is
seen as work.
· In Judaism any of these laws can be broken if necessary to
save life.…read more

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