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Shabbat Melachah refers to the kind of work that is creative, or over into the week and the candle which is braided represents
exercises control over their environment, such as G-d creating the unity found at the end of Shabbat.
Who- friends and family, the mother beckons Shabbat in with the universe which He ceased from on the seventh day. The service begins with the reading of biblical verses that
her arms and by lighting two candles. Their first and most *G-d's work didn't require a great physical effort, He praise G-d as Saviour, and than blesses are recited over the
sacred institution. spoke and it was done* wine, spices and candle and concludes with the Havdalah
How- a sacrifice is needed, loaves of Challah, special meals Examples of Melachah are sowing, plowing, baking, tying and blessing.
are eaten, blessings given and candles are lit, atmosphere is cooking. During the biblical readings, the candle is lit and help by a
tense, certain activities are forbidden. Ends with the Havdalah Muktzeh are objects that cannot be used or handled during child if one is present, where the man of the house will raise a
ceremony. Shabbat unless they are done so for a permitted purpose, wine cup and recite a blessing.
When- seventh day of the Jewish week, exact time differs due such as moving a pencil of a prayer book or using a hammer For the blessing over the wine, the leader blesses the wine
to time of sunset and location, the only weekly festival. to crack open nuts when nothing else is at hand. and than puts it down without anyone drinking from it.
Where- house and/or synagogue. ALL OF THESE COMMANDMENTS CAN BE VIOLATED IF The blessing over the spices is said, and passed around so
NECESSARY TO SAVE A LIFE! that everyone present can sniff them.
What Is Shabbat: The candle which was lit at the beginning is raised high, and a
Shabbat is the weekly day of rest in Judaism, and symbolizes Orthodox Shabbat Customs: blessing is recited. Everyone present than holds their hands
the seventh day in Genesis, after the six days of creation. It At 2-3pm on Friday afternoon, Jews leave the out, half clenched fingers so that their nails reflect the light.
starts on Friday night when the sun sets, until Saturday when workplace/school to begin the Shabbat preparations. The After the leader has recited the Havdalah blessing, everyone
the three stars appear in the sky. atmosphere is much like preparing for the arrival of a beloved, drinks from the cup of wine, and some is spilt onto a saucer
Shabbat means to cease, thus Shabbat is the day of ceasing special guest. The house is cleaned, the family bathes and which is used to extinguish the candle. This symbolises the
from work. dresses up, the best dishes and cutlery are set up and a Shabbat spilling into the working week.
festive meal is prepared. Songs are than sung, which are Shavua Tov and Eliahnu
The Nature of Shabbat: Everything that cannot be done on Shabbat must be set up in HaNavi.
For people who observe the Shabbat, it is a precious gift from advance, such as placing timers on lights and appliances, the
G-d, a day which is eagerly awaited throughout the week. A light bulb in the fridge removed and the preparations for the Main Features of Shabbat:
time where Jews can set aside all of their weekday concerns remaining Shabbat meals must be made. Challot and Challot Cover: the father recites a blessing over
and devote themselves to higher pursuits. The Shabbat is Shabbat starts at sunset, which Jews believe to be the start of two loaves of bread called Challah after performing Kiddush.
described as a bride or queen in Jewish literature. the day `and there was evening, and there was morning, one The loaves remind the Jews that G-d took care of them while
Shabbat is the most important ritual observance in Judaism as day.' they were in the wilderness, and He sent them double portions
it is the only ritual which is instituted in the Ten Shabbat candles are lit and a blessing is recited no later than on the 6th day so that they could rest on the 7th.
Commandments. 18 minutes after sunset. This officially marks the beginning of Salt is sprinkled on a loaf and it is broken. In the past salt was
It is a very important day, more so than Yom Kippur as there the festival and is performed by the women of the house. expensive and was only used on Shabbat, demonstrating that
are more opportunities for the congregation to be called up to Two candles are lit, representing the two commandments, only the best was reserved for G-d's holy day.
the Torah than on any other day Shamor and Zahkor. Kiddush: means `sanctifying' or `hallowing'. Kiddush sets
In ancient times, leisure was for the wealthy and ruling classes The family will than attend a brief synagogue service, before apart the time of Shabbat and other festivals from the profane
only, not to serving or labouring classes. returning home for a festive, leisurely dinner. Before dinner, day.
Shabbat involved two interrelated commandments, Zahkor Kiddush is recited by the man of the house, and the usual It starts the meal and sets a special atmosphere.
and Shamor. prayer for bread is recited over the two loaves of Challah. The first part of Kiddush is the recitation of Genesis 2: 1-3.
After dinner, the birkat ha-mazon is recited in a more leisurely Wine is used to symbolize the sweetness and joy of the
Zahkor ­to remember: manner with upbeat tones. festival and a blessing is said over the Challah.
Jew are commanded to remember Shabbat, but it means By this time it is usually 9pm or later, so the family spend an Shabbat: before sunset the mother lights the candles and
much more than merely not forgetting to observe Shabbat, it hour or so reading the Torah before going to bed. beckons the light towards her while reciting a blessing over
means to remember the significance of Shabbat as a In the morning, the family attend another service at 9am which her children. The father attends the synagogue service with
commemoration of creation and their freedom slavery in continue until around noon. After the services, there is anther the sons and when they return the family has a meal which
Egypt. Kiddush reciting and festive meal, which is typically a cholent, the father opens with Kiddush. Shabbat may be the only time
By resting on the seventh day and sanctifying it, Jews a slow cooked stew. After the grace after meals is recited, it is that families can spend time together, and orthodox families
remember and acknowledge that G-d is the creator of heaven 2pm, where the family studies the Torah and engages in sing special Shabbat songs.
and earth and all living things. leisurely activities. Havdalah: this ceremony takes place in the home and
If G-d's work can be set aside for a day of rest, how can Jews Shabbat ends at nightfall, with the appearance of the three synagogue to mark the end of Shabbat. It is said after nightfall
believe that their work is too important to set aside stars, roughly 40 mins after sunset. as a departing ceremony, using light and wine which was
temporarily? This is when the family performs the Havdalah ceremony, used to welcome Shabbat into the home. They add spices to
Jews are reminded that they are free, and in a more general where blessings are made over wine, spices and candles. A bid farewell.
sense, it frees the Jews from their weekday concerns such as blessing is than recited regarding the division between the
deadlines, schedules, commitments and jobs. secular and sacred. Importance:
Shabbat ensures that Jews spend time each week reading the
Shamor, to observe: The Havdalah Ceremony: Torah and thinking about what G-d has given them.
Most people think of work in the English sense, physical Havdalah is a brief ceremony that marks the end of Shabbat, Gives Jews the time to remember who they are, and it keeps
labour and effort or employment, so turning a light on would and means to distinguish or separate. their Jewish identity.
be permitted while a Rabbi leading the services is not. In the Three things are needed for Havdalah: wine, spices and Gives them a sense of world-wide family as Jews all over the
Jewish sense, it permits the Rabbi to lead the service, but candles. The wine symbolizes the joy of Shabbat, the spices globe celebrate Shabbat.
prohibits the switching on of a light. are smelled so that the sweetness of Shabbat will be carried


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