Religious Studies (Judaism): Importance of scriptures



Torah: The five books of Moses (Moses wrote the direct word of God down at Mt. Sinai) and is the same words spoken, learnt and taught today (unchanged. Literally translating to teachings (How to live a Jewish life) Although is sometimes referred to as Laws as it contains all laws of Halacha.

 Creation; Noah and his descendents; Abraham, Sarah and the patriarchs; Joseph and his brothers and his sale to Egypt.

The plagues; The Exodus from Egypt; The giving of the Torah; The Tabernacle; The Golden Calf

The sacrificial system; details of the service; The laws of impurities; The laws of holiness; Donations to the Tabernacle

Examples of spiritual achievement and failure; The journey through the wilderness; preparing to reach the land of Israel.

Moses gives three sermons reflecting on the past and guiding for the future; Joshua appointed as new leader; Moses dies

'It is a tree of life to those who take hold of it – happy is everyone who keeps it-its ways are pleasant and all its paths are peace'

(Etz Chyim, proverbs and said during Shabbat prayers when torah is taken from arc)

'Face to face' (Exodus)- Moses received the commandments from God

THE Torah was a direct revelation

When and why is the Torah used:
The torah is read in synagogue Mondays, Thursdays, Shabbat, festivals and fast days , each portion read is called a Sedra. The portion is usually followed by using a Chumash With is the printed torah. It is Read in an order (staring on Simachat Torah and finishing on Simachat torah). When a Jewish boy turns 13 he is Bar Mitzvah, the event is usually marked by the boy reading from the torah. Parts of the torah (the Shema) is found in tefilin and a mezuzah.

The Torah is also used in lifelong studies by Scholars and Rabbis (in Yeshivas), some (such as Rashi) who have made commentaries on the Talmud, helping to illustrate laws, rules and the basis of Jewish life. The torah teaches Jewish people of their ancestors to learn from their mistakes and achievements. Linking to the idea of identity, connection, history, inspiration, covenants, past, present and future the Torah creates. The Torah ultimately helps to make the connection with God greater to make a person more holy.

                                                                    'Be holy for I am holy'

The study of Torah help to make a person holy, something with God has commanded.



'All that the Lord has said: will we do, and obey’


'Be holy for I am holy'

The study of Torah helps to make a person holy, something which God has commanded.


'Torah from heaven'
 (Torah was literally given by God)


'Moses wrote down all of Gods words'


'And I will give you the tablets of stone and the law and the commandments which I have written that you shall teach them'

The Ten commandments:

1.       Know there is a God


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