Sex Before Marriage & Divorce - (GCSE) Religious Studies A Unit 4

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Sex before Marriage

Pre-marital sex = sex before marriage

Promiscuity = people freely/casually engage in sex

Adultery = cheating/engaging in extra-marital sex

Purpose of sex...

  • create life
  • bond a couple

Beliefs about sex...

  • most Christians believe that sex should take place within marriage
  • the Bible is against non-marital sexual relationships
  • unprotected sex outside of marriage makes people more vulnerable to STI's
  • sexual union unites a couple
  • sex outside marriages cheapens an act which is one of God's greatest gifts to the human race
  • it excludes the sacrament which was intended by Christ to protect and makemarriages and sexual intercourse holy

Christian attitude to sex...

1) Liberal Christians accept pre-marital sex saying that what is important is that sex is part of a loving relationship where no one involved is harmed or exploited

2) Anglicans believe that marriage is God's gift to humanity and is the proper place for a sexual relationship

3) The Roman Catholic Church teaches that sex only belongs within marriage where a man and a woman belong to each other in a permanent, exclusive, sexual partnership

4) The Anglican Church believes that changing attitudes to sexual relationships have led to more family breakdowns

5) The sexual act must take place within marriage. outside of marriage sex always constitutes a grave sin

6) 'God wants you to be holy and completely free from sexual immorality' ~ 1 Thessalonians

7) Liberal Christians support their view by saying that Jesus' message was that love mattered most

8) Human love does not tolerate trial marriages



 What causes marital breakdown?

  • family difficulties
  • death of a child
  • adultery
  • work
  • lack of trust
  • confused sexuality
  • stress
  • lies
  • ill health
  • lack of love
  • bigamy
  • arguments
  • children
  • financial problems

How can we prevent marital breakdown?

Lack of trust    --->   partners should prove to each other that they can be trusted by not going behind their partner's back or lying

Arguments   --->   the couple should sit down and resolve the problems to prevent future arguments

Family Difficulties   --->   the couple should get the family involved and try to solve the issues the family are doing to affect the marriage. Maybe go to


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