Section 4: Food Choice - Chapter 7: Factors affecting food choice - 1: Factors that influence food choice

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  • Factors that influence food choice:
    • Factors that may influence what we choose to eat
    • Healthy eating and physical activity level:
      • Their knowledge of healthy eating
      • Their desire to eat healthily
      • Their nutritional needs and stage of life
      • Their state of health - do they have an allergy/a health condition/do they need to lose weight?
      • Their physical activity level - how much energy they need each day
      • The information given on food labels
      • The information about food and healthy living given by the media
      • Scientific and medical research about the effects of what and how we eat
    • Lifestyle, income and time:
      • The work they do - physical/sedentary (sitting at a desk); how stressful; whether or not they take packed lunch or buy food
      • Cooking their own food - whether theu want to or not/how confident they are; how much time they have to…


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