RS Short Course Key Words

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Sanctity of Life - Life is holy and comes from God

Abortion - The removal of a foetus from a womb before it can survive

Quality of Life - Life must feel like it's worth living 

Euthanasia - A premature but painless death 

  • Active Voluntary - Giving doctors/family permission to end your life as you're in pain. Asking to be killed.
  • Passive Voluntary - When you decide not to have treatment eg turning off a life support machine.
  • Active Non-Voluntary - When medical staff end your life by word of a family member when you are unable to yourself. It happens in your best interests.
  • Passive Non-Voluntary - When the doctor makes the decision to stop treatment.

Assisted Suicide - Helping someone to commit suicide

Near Death Experience - When someone is about to die and has an out of body experience eg "seeing the light"

Paranormal - Unexplained happenings, usually with spiritual roots.

Resurrection - Coming back to life / the body stays in the grave until judgment day when it's raised.

Reincarnation - When souls after death are reborn in a new body or state

Immortality of the Soul - The idea that the soul lives on after your body dies.

Adultery - A sexual act with a married person and someone other than their marriage partner

Civil Partenership - A legal ceremony giving a homosexual couple similar rights as a husband and wife

Cohabitation - Living together without being married

Contraception - Something stopping sperm meeting an egg in sex. Something


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