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By Matt Pearson…read more

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Theist- Someone who believes in a god/ gods
Monotheist- Someone who believes in only
one god
Polytheist- Someone who believes in more
than one god
Atheist- Someone who believes in no Gods
Agnostic- Someone who is unsure about
religion…read more

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Cosmological Argument
Is an argument for the existence of a first cause to the universe
showing that there is a supreme being. Thomas Aquinas
said that everything a series of cause and effect; every
effect has a cause. Something cannot come from nothing.
Therefore, if we chart back the process of cause and effect,
we can back and back possibly to a hydrogen atom or
cosmic soup. However what came before? What started it
off? How did it get there? WHAT WAS THE FIRST CAUSE?
Aquinas said that cause no.1 needs to be bigger than and
external to the process of creation. Therefore, God exists he
says. Problems- What caused God? Why couldn't cause
one be something else? Couldn't the atom be eternal?
Problems with the problems- The atom is not eternal. God
doesn't need a creator because he doesn't have to follow
the laws of creation: he makes them.…read more

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Cosmological Argument
William Paley looked at his watch and thought
about the universe and about God. He said:
The world is complex. It couldn't be chance,
therefore it needs a designer. The designer
needs to be more complex, more powerful and
outside the thing created. Therefore God
exists as the designer. Counter- Complexity
could come as a result of evolution and the
laws of science. Counter counter arguments-
Who designed the laws of science?…read more

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Cosmological or Teleological
There are important differences between these
two similar but distinct arguments:
Cosmological- Cause. Creator. Counter- Big
Bang. Teleological- Design + Complexity.
Designer. Counter- Evolution.…read more

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Morality is all about right or wrong (and our
conscience). The question is, where is our
conscience from?: 1. Intelligence/ Mind. 2.
Parents and Up-Bringing. 3. Environment:
Society/Laws/ Teachers/ Culture/ Media. 4.
Evolution. 5. God.…read more

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