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R.S Islam

Beliefs and values Unit 1

1. The Quran and Islamic beliefs

7 articles of faith

Prophet hood
Revealed books (torah/psalms/Quran/Gospels)
Judgement day
Life and death (akhirad)

2. The nature and importance of belief in Tawhid

Tawhid means the oneness of Allah

Tawhid is important…

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Muslims don't believe in the world happen by chance

Muslims believe how the universe is created is a matter of faith
Science supports the Quranic teachings about the universe

Why is the belief in the creativity of Allah important for Muslims?

Beauty of nature
Universe under Allah control

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Isa known in the bible

Risalah importance

Prophets brought guidance of Allah to different nation show the message from the beginning
All prophets brought the same message showing Islam is a true religion
All prophets prepared the way for the final prophet Muhammad

8. The meaning and importance of…

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Muhammad prophets seal/chosen one
True religion because of the message being passed from generation to generation
Last and final revelation
Starting point for the religion

11. Islamic belief in akhirah
Life on earth-life is a test from Allah. Nothing can happen without Allah knowledge
Death- death is returned to…

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Completed the message of God
Last Prophet God will send
He brought the message of Allah for all the people and all times
Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is regarded the best example to follow Allah teachings but will never give equal status because that
would be a sin a shirk


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Importance-Muslims should follow the Shari'ah law because

God is aware of what they are doing and thinking
Everyone will be judged at the end of their lives

5. The importance and effect of the Ummah

Ummah-worldwide Muslim community shared belief

Ummah is the idea of being together as a…

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Importance of mosque

Sense of identity-strong sense of belonging and confidence in being Muslim in a non-Muslim country
A feeling of community-together in a faith binds the community and adds to cohesion of community
An encouragement of faith-face up to difficulties with god's refuge in a mosque

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Importance festival-Ashura (death of Husain) major mourning event
Places of pilgrimage-Shia also go to Karbala
Zakat-Shia give 20% of saving which is called kums

10. The role and importance of different group in British mosque

Traditionalist is people keep to their old customs and will past them down

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Unit 3 ­Celebration and worship

1) What is the meaning and significance of the shahadah as a summary of Islamic law

The 5 pillars of Islam


Why is the shahadah significant in the life of the Muslim and recited?

Repeated in Salah
Recited in…

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Perform Wudu
Read 5 times a day
Face Makah
Perform Salah in certain actions-standing up, bowing, prostrating and sitting. Repeat in certain order and certain number of
Recite in Arabic
During Salah Muslims praise god and recite verses from the Quran
The place of prayer must be clean…


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