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What does being in debt mean?
It is a situation in which a person or company owes more money that they own.
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Define wealth.
Being wealthy is when you have a large amount of money or investments.
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Define poverty.
Poverty is when someone has little or no money, food and basic life requirements.
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What is gambling?
Betting is when you bet on something with your own money on an event or person but it is left to chance. Usually if you beat the odds you win more money. If not then you lose money.
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Name 3 different ways in which people gamble?
Prime ministers, famous babies names, sporting events, weather, TV show contestants/winners.
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Why do people gamble? Give 3 examples.
It is addictive, people find it fun, it gives people a thrill sensation, get out of debt, want more money, depression, peer pressure.
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Name 3 Muslim teachings and beliefs on gambling.
"Wine and gambling are filthy tricks of satan", "the profit from gambling is less than the sin gained". Gambling is haram between Muslims. (Haram = not allowed)
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Name 3 Christian teachings of gambling.
"Gambling denies the biblical work ethic that associates honest labour", "The love of all money is the root of evil", "A greedy person is a idolatry who cannot obtain salvation".
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Are christian beliefs on gambling strict and one sided?
No, some Christians believe it is ok to gamble moderately (e.g the lottery) and some people accept fundraisers like raffles.
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Name 3 good causes of the lottery.
Half the money spent on the lottery goes to help fund projects for educational and sporting activities.
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Name some good causes of someone winning the lottery.
If someone gives money to charity, spends it on the local community, gives it to the homeless, help people establish businesses.
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Name some bad things people may spend winnings on.
All on themselves (selfish), gamble it, purchase large quantities of drugs and alcohol.
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Which type of Christians are against all forms of gambling?
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Would Muslims accept money won by gambling?
No, they don't see it as 'clean' money.
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Define inheritance.
Inheritance is when a friend or family member leaves you items (usually money or property) in their will once they have died.
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What is an excessive salary?
When someone earns a very large amount of money which is often more than they should earn.
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Name an occupation which has an excessive salary.
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Name an occupation that deserves a higher salary and why.
A doctor/nurse because they work long hours and save lives.
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Name a Christian teaching on wealth.
It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter God's paradise.
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What is a transplant surgery.
Using a healthy organ from a voluntary donar to replace a dying organ in a patient. For example, there are blood, organ, brain and heart transplants.
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Why do Jahovah witnesses refuse transplants?
They feel that their life is carried in their blood so they can't have anyone else's blood.
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What is a blood transfusion?
When you give blood to someone else whilst your'e alive.
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Give an Islamic teaching on transplants and transfusions.
"If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people"
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Give an Christian teaching on transplants and transfusions.
"Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you"
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Why can transplants be bad for people alive?
It can have an effect on the doners life.
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What is euthanasia?
It means and translates into an "easy death". It used in situations when people can't make their own decisions and can't look after themselves. They're suffering too much and don't want to carry on but don't have the capabillity to kill themselves
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What is active euthanasia?
Intention to kill the person. For example, you have given them an overdose.
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What is voluntary euthanasia?
This is when the person suffering requests a doctor to end their life.
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What is non-voluntary euthanasia?
When someone can't make decisions for themselves. For example, if someone is in a long term coma the doctor will consult their family and decide that is in the patients best interest to turn off their life support
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What is involuntary euthanasia?
When you're killed without being consulted but it isn't in the persons best interest to be killed. For example, Nazi Germany's extermination of the Jews.
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What is ageism?
It is when someone is prejudice or discriminates someone due to their age.
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Name some of the issues the elderly face.
Less able to do things for themselves, become weaker due to illnesses, get lonely, lose family and friends, lose their appetite, they're scared of dying.
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Name some positives of being elderly.
Watch family grow up, don't have to worry about as much, don't have to work, benefits and support from people and pensions, people look to them for advice.
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Name some methods of living for the elderly
They receive support from their family at their own home, move into a care home, live on their own with a carer who helps, live on their own with meals delivered.
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What is an extended family?
When the older relatives live with their family in an 'extended home'.
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Name some community options of living for the elderly.
Flats with warden, residential home, care home, hospice.
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How should a home be adapted for an elderly person?
Chair lift, hand rails, help button/alarm, adjusted bath and toilet, cut off for ovens, microwaves, heaters etc.
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Name some advantages and disadvantages of an extended family.
Cheaper for family, more sociable, the elderly don't feel lonely. Too cramped,
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Define death.
Death is when your body no longer works at all.
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Give some examples of Christian beliefs in death.
Christians believe in physical resurrection of the body, they believe in "Judgement day", this is when you face God and Jesus when you die and they decide whether you go to heaven or hell.
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What do catholics call the resurrection of the body?
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Do Muslims believe in resurrection?
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What happens on the Muslim version of judgement day.
People get sorted into paradise and hell.
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What happens if someone is sent to hell on judgement day?
They cross the 'Assirat Bridge'. This is a bridge which is very sharp.
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What is a funeral and what does it do?
It is a celebration of someones life. It allows people time to grieve and say good bye.
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What's the difference between active and passive euthanasia?
Active euthanasia is when someone is killed illegally by a medicine or drug whereas passive euthanasia is when someone is killed because they are not getting better, e.g they're in a coma and the doctor turns off the life support.
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Name a religious teaching on euthanasia.
"I your God give life and take it away", "Your body is a temple of the holy spirit", "You shall not murder".
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What are the 6 aims of punishment?
Protection, deterrence, retribution, reformation, vindication, reparation
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Define protection.
This is when the public is protected from criminals by them being sent to prison.
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What is deterrence?
Punishment to make the offender or others not commit crimes again.
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What is retribution?
To get revenge.
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Define reformation.
To make someone a better person in jail, getting them to understand what they did wrong and why it was wrong.
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What is vindication?
Applying an appropriate punishment to criminals that have broken the law.
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What is reparation?
When the offender is paying someone/the community back for their wrong doings.
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True of false, vindication is applying a punishment to a criminal who has done wrong?
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True or false, retribution is to make someone a better person?
False, retribution is getting revenge.
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What are the main causes of crime?
Social, environmental, addiction and psychological reasons.
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Name some examples of social reasons for crime.
Boredom, fun, thrill, peer pressure, family upbringing, gambling (debt), alcohol, drugs.
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Name some examples of enviromental reasons for crime.
Gang culture, poor area of living, unemployment.
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Name some examples of psychological reasons for crime.
Naturally selfish/greedy, want to break the law, want more money/power, violent video games
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Name some Christian beliefs towards crime and punishment.
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life", "love thy neighbour".
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What is genetic engineering?
Changing the make-up of genes to change a human being.
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What are designer babies?
Babies who's characteristics have been chosen by their parents.
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List some Christian attitudes towards genetic engineering.
"Your body is a temple of the holy spirit"
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Define crime against the state.
This is when someone commits a crime towards the government or a country. For example, treason.
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What is crime against a person?
Directly harming a person, e.g **** or murder.
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What is crime against a property?
Damaging items/buildings that belong to someone else. For example, vandalism, arsen.
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What is a religious offence?
An offence against a religion, doing something that is forbidden. E.g, blasphemy
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What is adultery?
A husband or wife having sex with someone else outside their marriage.
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What is meant by immortality of the soul?
The concept of someones soul living on after they have died.
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Finish the teaching. Heaven is...
Heaven is at the feet of your mother and father.
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Finish the teaching. Honour...
Honour your mother and father.
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What is the parable of the good samaritan?
A man is robbed at the side of the road, left with no clothes, money or belongings. Both a priest and an a levite pass him but they don't help. A samaritan does.
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What does this parable show?
To be equal to everyone.
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