Revision Session One- The Family


The Family and Conception

Quick Questions

1.       What is meant by the word growth?

Increase in height and weight

2.       What is meant by the word development?

Increase in skills and being able to do things

3.       What is a centile chart?

A chart used to compare a Childs development to the average child

4.       How many teeth in a set of milt teeth


5.       What is meant by mouthing?

When babies are chewing everything before they start teething which is how the learn what things are

6.       What is meant by the word concepts

Concepts are what children learn through intellectual development such as time, shape, space and colour. It is their understanding and knowledge of what these things are.

7.       What is meant by gargen?

Words which children use which may only be able to be understood by the Childs primary carer.


The family

A family is a group of people


Lauren Godin


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