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foster-the child lives with family but not their parents e.g. grandparents may be taking care of them.

Benefits/drawbacks of this kind of family life: They are living with family, so it is better than living in a foster home with unfamiliar people.

They may feel unhappy where they are living, away from their parents. The child is still in a family with their support.

Adoptive family: The child lives with people in which they are not related to, permanently. All legal rights are given to the adoptive family.

Benefits/drawbacks: Secure, stablemenvironment for child when do you tell the child that they are not biologically yours?. May feel rehjected by biological/natural parents.

Nuclear Family: Normal family. Both parents and the children/child all live together in one home.

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Sun 27th April, 2014 @ 16:07

absolute lifesaver - i have my a level childcare exam in 52 days and i was getting extremely nervous - these notes will allow me to reach those top grades so thankyou from the bottom of my heart - cant wait to get into that exam room now and show them what ive got!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooo 

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