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foster-the child lives with family but not their parents e.g. grandparents may be taking care of them.

Benefits/drawbacks of this kind of family life: They are living with family, so it is better than living in a foster home with unfamiliar people.

They may feel unhappy where they are living, away from their parents. The child is still in a family with their support.

Adoptive family: The child lives with people in which they are not related to, permanently. All legal rights are given to the adoptive family.

Benefits/drawbacks: Secure, stablemenvironment for child when do you tell the child that they are not biologically yours?. May feel rehjected by biological/natural parents.

Nuclear Family: Normal family. Both parents and the children/child all live together in one home.

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Benefits/drawbacks: The child can live a happy life with both parents, They may not get along with one of the parents, the parents may be staying together for the sake of the children.

Extended Family: Parents and children live together in the same house with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc...

Benefits/drawbacks: The child can talk to their family members about any problems if they feel they can't talk to their parents about anything. , They may feel cramped living in a house with their entire family, and they may also feel as if they have no privacy in their own home.

Single parent famiy: The child lives with only one parent. Three types, singl by divorce, death, or just never together in the first place

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Benefits/drawbacks:Finances may be difficult., They get the full attention off the one parent they have and live with., They may argue alot because it is only them and they may get under each others feet alot., Lack of support for the one parent in raising the child/children.

Step Family: The child lives with their mother/father and their husband/wife/partner.

Benefits/drawbacks: The child may not get along with the parents partner., Mimics nuclear family., Two parents to support financially and emotionally., feel replaced/left out by your own parent.

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absolute lifesaver - i have my a level childcare exam in 52 days and i was getting extremely nervous - these notes will allow me to reach those top grades so thankyou from the bottom of my heart - cant wait to get into that exam room now and show them what ive got!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooo 

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