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Family and parenthood
The definition of a family is a family is the basic unit of a society.
A step family is formed when one or both people in a couple, with children from a previous relationship,
re-marry or co-habit.
These are true facts
Adoptive parents must be approved by social services.
Residential care home provide long-term care for children with severe disabilities.
Adoptive parent have the same legal rights and responsibilities as birth parents
Primary socialisation is provided by all families.
These facts are false
A nuclear family include grandparents.
Single-parents are always mother and the children
Foster children are encouraged to stay in touch with their birth families.
Foster care is long-term care.
Sexual roles are decided by nature or nurture.
When emergency contraception needed you use after unprotected sex.
Natural family planning identifies fertile and infertile menstrual cycle, it's not reliable.
These are true facts
A diaphragm protects against STI's including AIDS
The combined pill is unreliable if taken with some antibiotics
The mini pill is taken orally.
Male condoms are free of charge from family planning clinics.
These are false facts
A male condom is 100% effective.
A contraceptive injection can be reversed.
A contraceptive implant is effective for 3 months
An IUB is effective for 2-3 months.
Pregnancy and anti-natal care
The semen is a mixture of sperm and seminal fluid.
The eggs are stored in the ovaries.
It is true that the quality of the eggs deteriorates with age.

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A fertilised egg plants itself in the uterus
The sperm determined the sex of the baby not the egg.
Weight gain is not an early sigh of pregnancy.
Babies become viable after 24 weeks.
EDD stands for estimated delivery date
The average length of a pregnancy is 37-42 weeks.
Identical twins share the placenta.
A bra worn in pregnancy should have wide straps.
Alcohol cause FAS (foetal alcohol syndrome)
Gynaecologist is treats infertility.
IVF stands for in virtro fertilisation
ICSI stands for intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection.…read more

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The cervix is found at the neck of the uterus.
The penis ejaculates sperm.
Sperm are deposited at the top of the vagina.
The uterus is a pear shaped organ.
Semen is a mixture of seminal fluid and sperm.
Sperm is stored in the epididymis.
The pre-conceptual care begins before conception.
If a single egg splits completely into two parts, each develops into an identical twin.
During pregnancy, the following will be urine checked for protein, Chlamydia and ketones.
Triple test measures AFP.…read more

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The water in a birthing pool must be at 37 ° c
The organs that are found in the birth canal are uterus, cervix and vagina.
The umbilical cord is cut between two clamps.
Induction is the name of artificially starting labour.
The ventouse doesn't pull the baby out.
It takes about 6 weeks to recover from a caesarean section.
Premature babies are looked after in SCBU or NICU.…read more

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Oblique position baby lies at an angle in the uterus.
The breech position baby has legs or bottom first.
These are found in the SCUB incubator, monitor, nasogastric tube, neonatiologist, ventilator and light
Bonding is the feeling of love and affection between a parent and child.
Holding is not a reflex action present at birth.
Nutrition and health
Protein is needed for growth and repair.
Food standards agency provided the eatwell plate.
Foods package is to attract children.…read more

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Fluoride protects teeth.
Foods high in calories, e.g. fast food and confectionery, are specifically designed with children under 5 as the
target market.
The government has introduced legislation to control the advertising of these foods.
In the first few days after birth colostrums is produced. it is a clear liquid, which becomes yellow.
Formula milk can be made from soya.
At stage 2 of weaning, babies can chew food, even without teeth so their food should contain lumps.
Homemade food is bland.…read more

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There are two ways to expressed positive or negative.
At 15 months they have rapid mood swings.
At the age of 2 they start to have temper tantrums start.
Negative feelings make a child feel bad.
Making friends is a social skill.
At 6 months babies are scared of strangers.
At 3 years they can share and take turns.
You shouldn't show disapproval by physical punishment.
At 0-1 years they do not need to have detailed picture books.…read more

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Role play is known as imaginative play.
Creative play uses the imagination.
Health and safety
You should place a burn in cold water for 10 minutes.
Head lice are spread by head-to-head contact.
Parasites are easy to treat.
Threadworms are visible in faeces.
Mumps give a child swollen gland in front of the ear.
Pertussis is another name for whooping cough.
When children are sick they should have plenty of activities and entertainment.
Reducing a high temperature decreases the risk of convulsions (fits).…read more

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A vaccine is given in an injection.
A pre-admission visit for a non-emergency admission to hospital can reassure children. They will be shown
equipment and encouraged to play with it.
Keeping a baby in the parent room at night and offering a dummy for the first 6 months can help prevent
Clothing should allow access for nappy change.
Clothing should be soft and non-irritant.
Clothing should be easy to put on and remove.
Clothing shouldn't have ribbon.
Clothing should be easy to wash/dry/iron.…read more

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People don't always know what benefits are available to them.
All early years are registered provided must use the framework e.g. childminder, pre-school, schools and
The EYFS profile must be completes by all providers for each child in the academic year that they reach 5
Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disorder.
Sure start is a government programme, which provides a range of integrated services in the local.
Grandparents, nanny and au pair are in home types of child care.…read more


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