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What is a family?
1) A family is a group consisting of a parent or parents and their child or children living together in a household.
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Name three types of families.
2) Three types of family are: nuclear family, extended family, one parent family.
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Nuclear family
A family where one child or more are living with both their parents
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Step family
A family where mum and dad have divorced and one or both have remarried
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Extended family
A family where parents, grandparents and other relatives live close together
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Foster family
A family that looks after other people’s children for a time
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One parent family
A family where the children are brought up by mum or dad but not by both.
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Adoptive family
A family where mum and dad are not the natural parents of the child, but they are legally responsible for the child
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Why are families important?
4) Families are important because they can give you guidance when you need it, support and love. You are not always able to rely on other people and friends, a family means they will stick by you no matter what the situation is.
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Suggest three points to be considered when having a family.
Money, stable relationship, too young or too old, mature enough to accept responsibility, want to stay home and look after the baby.
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How may a baby affect your lifestyle?
your social life, your sleep, your relationship, being with friends.
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What are the main causes of accidents for the under 5's?
choking, they can drown in ponds, knifes being left around sause pans, suffocation, cuts, electrocution, scalds and burns, poisioning, falls.
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Give two reasons why acidents happen?
It can't be helped due to the lack of childs balance, trys to copy adults.
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List three ways a parent can minimise the risk of accidents happening in the home.
Cover all sockets, use good lighting, use fire and radiator gurds, use saftey gates, have tidy floors and stairs and clean up any spills.
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List what contents of a family first aid box
Antiseptic wipes, plasters, tweexers, calamine lotion, anti-histamine, antiseptic cream, thermometer, paracetamol.
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Two advantages and two disadvantages of being a only child.
Advantage- More attention, more money goes toward you. Disadvantage - Won't know how to share, find it hard to socialise.
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Give one advantage for being a older mum.
More mature and more stable for money.
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Name three types of families.


2) Three types of family are: nuclear family, extended family, one parent family.

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