Raindrop prelude in Db major by Chopin

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  • The Romantic era was from 1825 to 1900
  • Romantic music is often expressive and emotional
  • Composers included Chopin, Mendelssohn and Schumann


  • The overall stucture is unbalanced ternary (or rounded binary), A - B - A1
  • Section A uses a lyrical melody and also has an ABA structure within it
  • Section B contrasts section A due to its minor key, left-hand melody and ff climaxes
  • Section A1 is shorter than A, and ends with a short coda

Rhythm, metre and tempo

  • The metre is 4/4
  • There are unusual rhythmic features, such as a septuplet in bar 4 and a dectuplet in bar 79
  • The piece is 'sostenuto' - sustained, legato, unhurried
  • There is use of rubato to add expression
  • A unifying rhythmic feature throughout are the repeated quavers
  • Section A has a lighter feel than section be due to the use of dotted rhythms repeated throughout in the main motif


  • The falling motif introduced in section A is a tonic Db triad


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