AOS1 Chopin Raindrop Prelude

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  • AO1 Chopin Raindrop Prelude
    • Context
      • Written 1839, "The preludes", Romantic era.
    • Structure
      • Ternary form, ABA codetta
    • Instruments
      • Piano: A)middle B)Lower range. Expressive rather than technically difficult
    • Melody
      • raindrop motif, pedal notes, B) LH melody, ornamen-tation
    • Texture
      • Homophonic, 2 bars monophony at codetta. B)is more chordal
    • Tonality & Harmony
      • Db major, C#minor. Augmented/ diminished, Chromatic notes
    • Rhythm
      • A)LH quavers, B)RH quavers ,crotchet melody. Rubato.
    • Tempo & Metre
      • C or 4/4 Rubato, moderate tempo
    • Dynamics
      • pp to ff, expressive, crescendoes diminuendos.


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