Chopin raindrop prelude

Edexcel Music 


Chopin- Raindrop Prelude

Date: 1788Structure: Ternary (A,B,A)

Key Words

Rubarto.        Cantabile.          Septuplet.          Acciaccatura- crushed note.

Section A - Db major - p all the way through, very calm

  • First melodic phrase is 4 bars and p
  • Ornaments
  • Melody goes through Bb minor
  • Melody notes augmented (made longer) - Slow and heavey effect

Section B- C# minor - Dramatic, sad, ff in places, build ups, accents

  • Melody in crotchets in bass part
  • Doubles raindrop in octaves - powerful
  • Dynamic build up, then drop down again 
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