Prelude No.15 in D flat major - Raindrop Prelude (Basic Analysis)

A useful table full of general information on Chopin's Prelude No.15 in D flat major - Raindrop Prelude.


(M= melody A= Accompaniment D= Dynamics T= Texture S= Structure H= Harmony              I= Instruments R= Rhythm T= Tonality S= Speed)

Useful for anyone doing the GCSE Edexcel Music course... enjoy! :)

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Jessica Chopin Madtshirts
Melody Lyrical melody writing
Ornamentation (e.g. Acciaccatura)
Chromatic notes
Switches of the melody between the RH and the LH
Programme music (telling a story)
Accompaniment Melody on one hand whilst other hand playing accompaniment
Dynamics Range of dynamics used including:
Forte, piano, crescendo and diminuendo
Texture Mainly Homophonic but some monophonic phrases
Broken chords, pedal notes, octaves and chords used to vary the
texture as well
Structure Ternary Form: ABA
Section Key Length
A D major 27 bars (1-27)
B C# minor (tonic 47 bars (28-75)
A Db major 6 bars (75-81)
Codetta Db major 8 bars (81-89)
Harmony Repeated Ab provide harmonic support
Chromatic note Cb appears to add 'colour'
Instruments Piano only
Rhythm Mainly quavers and many pedal notes (especially of Db)
Tonality Db major but modulates to C# minor
Speed 4/4
Sostenuto ­ Sustained (also LOTS of pedal notes)
Slow held back tempo
Prelude No.15 in Db Major (Raindrop Prelude)
Other Information:
Composed by Chopin in 1838 during the Romantic Era.
It is a part of 24 preludes.
Inspired by the falling raindrops on a derelict Monastery in Valldemaossa, Majorca
where he was staying with his lover.
The mood of the piece is dark, suspicious and mysterious
Lots of ornamentation

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