PY2-Langer and Rodin, the effects of responsiblity for the elderly

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Langer and Rodin

Aim and context

Gould, claimed the journey from adulthood to old age is seen as a process of loss both physcially and psychologically. Life situations in old age are accompanied by loss of roles, norms and reference groups, this was found by Bengston, older people often experience a decline in their health when beginning to live in a home for elderly, events may have negative impact on perception of self competence and feelings of personal responsibility. Lehr and Puschner found these psychological changes may be linked with physical decline and lead to loss of self esteem and make individual feel they have little or no control. Ferrare found that out of a total of 17 participants who believed they had  no choice but to go into an old peoples home, 8 died after 1 month and 16 died after 2 1/2 months. However, Bengston suggested that givng individual a sense of usefulness and purpose will increase life and happiness.

The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of increasing personal responsibility on the nursing home patients and find out if loss of control is a key factor in illness and early deaths of elderly residents.


91 nursing home residents from conneticut were used, aged between 65-90. Bedridden or noncommuncative residents were excluded from the study. They had two groups the experimental group and the control group. The experimental group was called the responsibility induced group and consisted of 8 males and 39 females. The controlled group called the traditional group consisted of 9 males and 35 females. The nursing home administrator called a meeting in each group to give a standardised message. The experimental group were given the freedom to makes choices and could look after the plant…


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