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PY2 Wjec
All Studies.…read more

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Rahe et al
Bennet, Levy
Gardener and Gardener
Loftus and Palmer
Langer & Rodin
Rosenham…read more

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Aims and context
Findings and Conclusions
Alternative Research…read more

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Buss Aims and context
· Define Evolution Theory
· Different Factors For choosing a mate.
­ Parental Investment: Women invest more emotionally into
offspring therefore they are attracted to man who have more
­ Fertility: Men want women who look more fertile. This means
clearer skin, younger and physically attractive
­ Paternity Possibility: Men want women who they can be sure the
baby will be theirs. So women who have had fewer partners are
more attractive
· Define Sexual Suggestion
· Aim: Buss's aim was to test the evolution theory across
different countries and different cultures…read more

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Buss Procedure
· 10'047 different participants from across 33
· Used a two part question
­ First part was for biographical data e.g. Age and
­ Second part was a list of 13 characteristics to rank,
Rank 1 being most desirable and etc
­ Translations and slight changes had been made to
account for cultural differences.…read more

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Buss Findings and conclusions
· Women ranked good financial prospects higher
than men
­ Supporting the Parental investment theory
· Women ranked ambition and industrious higher
than men
­ Supporting Parental investment again
· Men ranked youth higher than women
­ Supports Fertility theory
· Men ranked chastity higher than women
­ Supporting Paternity Possibility theory…read more

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