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Alternative Evidence
Asch ASCH's findings support JENNESS AND SHERIF findings
PERRIN AND SPENCER- repeated experiment in the 1970's, only 1 student conformed, thi
contradicts ASCH as it suggests the results are due to the time the test was conducted
NETO - found that women are more conformist than men, this…

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2,500 combinations, this develops the Gardeners research as it shows that chimps can use
Loftus and LOFTUS AND ZAMI- asked participants of a study `did they see a headlight' or `did they see the
Palmer headlight', more participants who had the headlight, said they seen a headlight. This develops…

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dangerousness' was attributed to the black man. This supports Rosenhan as it shows racist
stereotypes effect judgement.

Buss CUNNINGHAM- found close agreement between cultures when rating females, this supports
BUSS as they all like the same thing in each culture.

SINGH - found that males want a woman with a…


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