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Strengths Weaknesses
Asch -Controlled observation in lab experiment IV + -Lab environment has low ecological validity as
DV= cause-effect link difficult to generalise from artificial surrounding
-Extraneous Variable is controlled making it asked to conform when there is clearly a correc
more reliable answer.
-Easy to replicate due to standardised…

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-SRE also doesn't distinguish individual differen
as how much financial or social support each pp
Gardener and -Produces rich, qualitative, detailed data about -Results can't be generalised as there was only
Gardener the study as a case study was the only subject and would be difficult to apply to…

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Bennet-Levy -Pps were unaware of study aims so wouldn't -Mean ratings showed disproportionate amoun
and Marteau change their behaviour so there were no for rats, due to potential harm, attempt to rem
demand characteristics. factor failed however positive in other animals.
-Independent groups design reduces order -Correlation does not mean…

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Rosenhan -Study was covert, naturalistic, participant -Ethnocentric due to the investigation only bein
observation study ensured that all doctors, out in American hospitals different countries m
nurses, and patients behaved naturally so different procedures causing an overall low pop
there were no demand characteristics. -Lack of mundane realism, identifying fake…


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